Thank you for another great week at Riverbend!  Your in-camp and travel programs speak volumes for quality/fun camping.  I can’t thank you enough for putting together so many great programs. Camp Riverbend has done more than entertain my child.  She has gained so much more than new friends and great experiences.  The emotional growth we see is truly amazing!

Beth M., Springfield NJ

You guys are the best! Really, it is so great for all the families whose children have food issues that you go so above and beyond! Thank you so much for making our son feel a part of everything at camp

Marissa and Larry S., Warren NJ

I hope you and your campers are having a great summer. We are working on our summer newsletter and I wanted to check with you if it would be all right to mention Camp Riverbend and the scholarship you have provided for one of our young clients. Over the past 2 years the highlight of her summer has been going to Camp Riverbend; she has made many friends, learned to swim and loves all of the arts and crafts and other programs that your generosity has allowed her to participate in. Your support for this little girl has truly made a difference in her life and has helped her through this difficult time in her life.

Thank you for all that you do.

Karen L. Donohue
Administrative Coordinator, IHN/SC

You all run an amazing program!  Love to hear about all the activities and see the cool crafts that Ethan comes home with!

Ann D., Westfield NJ

I just wanted to tell you and everyone at Camp Riverbend what a wonderful month Leah had and how sad she was when she came home today. She just loved it there, told everyone she could about it, and will miss you all. One of the things she said to me repeatedly was that she loved the family-like feeling, the fact that several generations of Breenes are represented, that Mr. and Mrs. Breene are still there and still love to be involved with the kids. It adds a dimension to the kids' experience that is unique to Riverbend. She loved the songs, she loved GaGa, she loved the high ropes and the new splash park and the sleepovers. Riverbend has been a formative experience for Leah, giving her confidence in her ability to adapt to new situations, make new friends each year, and to excel at all sorts of athletics she might never have tried otherwise. Thank you for doing what you do so well--keep it up!

Sue B., Maplewood NJ

My kids had the best summer at camp.  It was a great first year experience for them.  And to you and the entire wonderful staff at Camp Riverbend—THANK YOU!  What a wonderful camp!  

Betty C., Scotch Plains NJ