Summer 2020 Was A Success!

During the COVID pandemic, children need camp more than ever! This past summer, we took many necessary steps to make it happen and as a result Summer 2020 was a success! Although camp this past summer was different from any year in our history, our goal was to make it happen while operating within necessary safety constraints to minimize the risk of transmittal of the COVID-19 virus. We stayed safe and still had tons of fun!

We carefully reviewed the CDC’s guidelines, the American Camp Association’s Field Guide and the New Jersey Department of Health COVID-19 Youth Summer Camp Standards for operating camps in the current environment. We also worked closely with health officials as well as private practice medical professionals. After a great deal of study we formulated a set of protocols to run camp which you can see in our 2020 Health and Safety Handbook for everything from facility cleaning and camper hygiene, to physical distancing and daily monitoring of camper and staff health. We are very proud of our staff, who took on new responsibilities for cleaning facilities, supervising camper hygiene, social distancing and masking requirements, on top of their normal functions of providing a fun, meaningful and safe experience for the children!

If COVID is still prevalent during summer 2021, we are prepared to operate Camp safely under these guidelines. Like everyone else, we hope the world, and Camp Riverbend, will be back to normal. We are building on what we learned about running “Camp During COVID” in 2020 so that, regardless of the COVID situation next summer, we will be ready to go. We will monitor the situation continually, and update our protocols as necessary, based on the most up-to-date guidance from the State, medical experts and others.

A Glimpse Into Our Protocols & Smiling Faces

Parent Testimonials

Thank You

We are very grateful that camp parents took the virus situation seriously and did their part to keep their families, and therefore the whole camp community, safe. Thank you for all your support and encouragement during this difficult time.  Camp Riverbend would not be what it is without our wonderful families.  

Please contact us if you have any questions on our protocols & procedures. We are here for you!  

The Breene Family  
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