Frequently Asked Questions


Complete our online application form or send us a completed registration card and a $500 deposit ($400 deposit for Three-Quarter Day campers). Payment can be made by cash, EFT/echeck, Master Card, Visa or American Express.  There is a 2.9% convenience fee applied to credit card payments.

Yes! Please contact us and we will put you in touch with a current Camp family who lives in your area and has a child the same age as yours.


We use both 24 and 54 passenger yellow school buses. For more information, visit our transportation page.

All drivers are required to have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with a special certification to drive passengers. Requirements include: minimum 21 years old, an excellent driving record for the past three years, fingerprinting by State Police, a physical exam and a written and comprehensive road test to ensure safety awareness!
Our insurance company checks the driving record of every bus driver every year.
Each bus also has a riding counselor, who is responsible for supervising campers on the bus.

We try to arrange our bus routes so each camper’s trip is as short as possible. Most bus routes begin around 8:00 am and arrive at Camp around 8:45 am. We dismiss at 4:00 pm and almost all buses have delivered their campers home by 4:45 pm.
Your exact pick-up and drop-off time will depend on your town and your place in the bus route.

Yes! All campers must wear seat belts at all times.

If there is a problem, we can communicate with buses on the road via cell phone. Bus counselors call or text to camp at the end of every afternoon route so we know that everyone is home safely.

Yes, we have an optional extended day program. You can bring your camper here as early as 8:00 am and pick up as late as 6:00 pm. Counselors supervise extended day campers in games, swimming, crafts, sports and quiet activities.

There is no extra fee for the extended day program if you use it instead of bus transportation.  There is a small extra charge to use both extended day and bus service, or bus service to two different addresses. 

Staff & Groups

We take pride in our mature, talented counselor staff.
Group head counselors are teachers or college students who have trained at Riverbend. Assistant group counselors are 12th graders or college students. There is no CIT program. No high school students supervise campers.
Prospective counselors undergo a rigorous screening process. All staff members, new and returning, are trained before Camp starts. This training teaches safety rules, techniques for working with children, and fun games and activities to share with campers.

There is one counselor for every 5 campers throughout Camp.
Each group of 16-18 campers has two counselors for first graders and older.
Clubhouse groups have three counselors.
Senior staff members supervise six to ten camper groups and spend time with campers.

Yes, if the friend is the same sex and in the same grade as your child (Clubhouse groups and young teen groups are co-ed).
On the registration form is a space where you can list friends with whom your child would like to spend the summer.

Camp Riverbend has a no-tipping policy for all camp staff.  

Camp Activities

Our instructors teach a wide variety of skills in creative crafts, swimming, team & individual sports, performing arts, team building and nature.
Our PIY (“Pick It Yourself”) program gives each group time to choose their favorite activities.

For more information, visit our Activities page.

In 2020 and 2021, camper choice activities were eliminated as a COVID precaution. In non-COVID years, campers entering first grade & up choose their favorite activities during club time before or after lunch Monday through Thursday.

Rising 4th and 5th graders choose a cluster of three related activities in our Tracking program for Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Rising 6th – 8th graders choose three individual activities to explore intensively in our SuperChoice program for Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Each Friday is a special day, with performing artists, parades or counselor talent shows. In years past we have imported “snow” for sledding in July, built and raced cardboard boats, and served giant pizza-sized pancakes. Every Friday is super fun!  See our season calendar for more details. 

We pride ourselves on our excellent swim instruction program.

Each camper has a swim lesson every day.

Children are placed in lessons based on their swimming ability. Lesson groups are small, with about 6-8 campers, taught by a swimming instructor and a group counselor assisting.

The waterfront has 4 crystal-clear heated pools, designed for teaching children at all swim skill levels.

Our committed team of Red Cross certified Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors supervise the pools at all times.

We have indoor locations for all campers on rainy days. We continue with our regular program inside.


Camp Riverbend provides daily lunch for all campers – kid favorites and healthy choices approved by our Camp Riverbend Dietician, with options every day.

Our kitchen is “allergy aware.” We do not serve any tree nut or peanut products and can accommodate a variety of food allergies, such as: gluten, dairy, sesame and egg allergies.

All campers have an ice cream or ice pop treat as they wrap up their day.

For more information, visit our Lunch & Food page.

Yes!  Campers can stop by the Snack Shack mid-morning or mid-afternoon for small packaged snacks, such as goldfish crackers, pretzels, popcorn, fresh fruit and fresh veggies! Clubhouse campers have their mid-morning snack with their group. All campers have an ice cream treat as they wrap up their day. As always at Riverbend, all snack items offered will be tree nut and peanut free. Gluten-free items will also be available. Snacks are included in camp tuition.

We allow campers to bring  food from home for lunch, however we do not permit sharing with other campers, and nothing with tree nuts or peanuts is allowed. For birthdays, we request that you send in only non-edible party favors for the group.

Visiting, Safety & Security

A camper who feels sick will go to the nurse, who evaluates his or her condition. In case of serious injury or illness, the nurse will contact the child’s parents to pick the child up.

Our Camp nurse treats minor injuries that occur during the day, such as bug bites and scrapes, and administers any prescription and over-the-counter medication to campers that has been authorized by the camper’s parents

When registering, parents must select a secret password. No camper will be released to any adult without the password.
All visitors to Camp must sign in at the Camp office, give the camper’s password, and get a visitor tag. We also have security staff at the front of the property checking all visitors.

Camper safety is our number one priority! We are committed to keeping Camp Riverbend as safe and secure as possible.
We undergo rigorous inspections annually for safety by local and state officials, who evaluate every aspect of Camp, including sanitation, transportation, food safety, staff qualifications, fire prevention and medical record keeping.
We are accredited by the American Camp Association and the New Jersey Department of Health. Through the American Camp Association, we keep current with the newest developments in camp safety and operations

No parent visits are allowed.  

The Breene Family has owned and and operated Camp Riverbend since 1962. The current owners are Roger Breene, Jill Breene Cheng, Paul Breene and Robin Breene Hetrick. The four of them, along with Roger’s spouse, Debbie Breene, and Paul’s spouse, Miriam Peretsman, supervise every aspect of the daily operation of Camp. Their involvement guarantees personalized attention to the needs of your family.

Summers 2020 and 2021 were both successful.  While these seasons were different, we truly believe our campers had a wonderful, and much needed, camp experience after months of quarantining.  We certainly hope that the 2022 season will be back to normal, but rest assured that even if it isn’t, we will be prepared! If you want to see how we operated during the 2020 and 2021 seasons, click here

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