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2020 Registration

Camp Riverbend is a 7 week program.  Campers can register for anywhere from 2 consecutive weeks through the full 7 week season.   Minimum enrollment is 2 consecutive weeks. Minimum enrollment for our three-quarter day campers is 3 days per week. Grouping is done based on the grade a child will enter in September after the camp season.

Camp runs Monday June 29 to Friday August 14, 2020.  Camp is closed on Friday July 3.  Camp hours are 9 am to 4 pm, with extended hours from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.

You can use our secure Online Registration form if you are paying by MasterCard, Visa or American Express.


Alternatively, you can print out and complete a registration card and send it to us via mail, fax, or drop-off.  We do not accept any enrollments over the phone. Please download the appropriate registration card below:

2020 Tuition Rates

In Camp:
Grade 1-8
In Camp:
Pre-K & K All Day
Day Tripper:
Grade 7-9
Three-Quarter Day
for 3 & 4 Year Olds
7 Weeks$6400$6125$7100$5650
Any 6 Weeks$5975$5725$6700$4950
Any 5 Weeks$5525$5250$6200$4300
Any 4 Weeks*$4925$4650$5600$3600
Any 3 Weeks*$3975$3725$4775$2800
Any 2 Weeks*$3025$2800$3775$1900

3 And 4 Year Old Three-Quarter Day tuition rates listed above are for 5 days a week and will be pro-rated for 3 or 4 days a week.
* minimum of two weeks must be consecutive


Sibling Discount: For the 2nd child in your family, deduct $250 from the 7 or 6 week tuition, $200 from the 5 week tuition, $150 from the 4 or 3 week tuition, or $100 from the 2 week tuition. For the 3rd child in your family, deduct $500 from the 7 or 6 week tuition, $400 from the 5 week tuition, $300 from the 4 or 3 week tuition, or $200 from the 2 week tuition.  For a 2nd child who is a three-quarter day camper, deduct $200 from the 7 or 6 week tuition, $150 from the 5 week tuition, $100 from the 4 or 3 week tuition, or $50 from the 2 week tuition. For a 3rd child who is a three-quarter day camper, deduct $400 from the 7 or 6 week tuition, $300 from the 5 week tuition, $300 from the 4 or 3 week tuition, or $100 from the 2 week tuition. 

July 4 Holiday Discount: If enrolling only for the first 2 weeks of camp,  deduct $250 from the total tuition.  For a three-quarter day camper, deduct $150 from total tuition if enrolling only for the first two weeks of camp.  

Referral Discount: Refer a first-time family to Camp Riverbend. When they enroll, they list your name under “Which family referred you to Camp Riverbend” on our registration form. You earn a $100* discount for your summer tuition for each camper who enrolls and has listed your name. This discount does not apply to enrollment of returning campers or siblings of returning or current campers. Discount is not valid if first-time family/camper drops out before attending camp. First-time families may list only one referring name. Discount may only be applied toward paid tuition in that camp season. *$50 discount for referred Three-Quarter Day camper.

Registration Policy: Campers must enroll for at least two consecutive weeks. Each camper’s registration requires a $500 initial tuition payment ($400 for three-quarter day program). At the time of registration, $200 of this payment becomes non-refundable. We require a second tuition payment of $1000 per child on March 1, 2020  ($750  for three-quarter day program). The final tuition payment is due on May 1, 2020.  Weeks must be finalized by March 1, 2020 and all tuition payments made prior to and on or after that date are non-refundable, regardless of dropouts or reductions in weeks prior to or during the camp season. Days missed due to injury, illness or any other reason may not be “made up” and will not result in a credit or refund.

We will gladly set up a payment plan with you if you are paying by credit card; all payments must be made by May 1, 2020.

Each camper’s tuition includes either bus transportation to camp OR a place in our extended day program at camp. There is an additional fee if your family wants to use bus transportation AND extended day daily. For 3 and 4 Year Old Three-Quarter Day program, transportation to camp is included in tuition; with a sufficient number of Three-Quarter Day campers in a town, we will provide afternoon bus service at 2:00 pm. Otherwise, a parent or guardian must pick up these campers at 2:00 pm.


Visiting Camp: You may visit Camp any day during the 2020 season except June 29, July 24, August 13 or August 14. Please don’t come to visit during lunch (12 noon – 1 pm). Visitors must come to the Camp Office to sign in and get a visitor’s badge. They must know the security password for the child they are visiting.

Signing Out Campers: No one may ever take a camper out of camp without signing that child out at the Camp Office. Any adult picking up a camper must know the security password that was given to us at the time of the child’s registration. Password changes can only be made in writing. The latest a camper can be picked up before dismissal is 3:15 pm. After that, you must wait until 4:15 pm, when our buses have left camp. Parents may not enter camp grounds between 3:15 and 4:15 pm.

Medical Forms: The New Jersey State Youth Camp Safety Act and the American Camp Association require every camper to have a medical form signed by a physician. Medical forms are due to camp by June 1, 2020. Your child does not need a doctor’s exam just for this purpose. The doctor can fill out our form based on any physical any time after June 1, 2019. A parent/guardian must authorize Camp Riverbend to treat your child if he or she is sick or injured at Camp.

Tipping: Camp Riverbend has a no-tipping policy for all camp staff.  

Camper Absences: There are no refunds or credits if a camper misses time from Camp due to illness, injury or any other reason. Missed days may not be “made up.”

Birthdays during Camp: Since many campers have all types of food allergies, we do not allow any food from home to be given to other campers. For birthdays we request that you send in simple, non-edible, party favors for the group.

Group Lists: Group lists are sent to the parents of children in each group, via email after the first week of camp. We include a family’s phone number, usually the cell phone of one parent. If you don’t want your phone number given out, you must notify us before camp starts.

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