You guys are the best! Really, it is so great for all the families whose children have food issues that you go so above and beyond! Thank you so much for making our son feel a part of everything at camp.
- Marissa and Larry S., Warren NJ

Program Options

Welcome to the Clubhouse!

The Clubhouse is a wonderful introduction to the summer camp experience for campers aged three, four and five years olds. They are introduced to arts and crafts, sports, cooking, nature, swimming and other fun activities geared to their age and ability that encourage growth, confidence and learning.  Click here to learn more.

The Riverbend Experience

Where campers entering 1st through 8th grades explore, grow and gain confidence! During the day, each group rotates through seven different activities and has many new experiences. There are days packed full of fabulous activities and fun for kids; this is the place to make new friends and life-long memories!  Click here to learn more.

Day Trippers

The Day Trippers program takes young teens out of camp and on the road for day trips and short overnight trips in our region.  You’ll find us down at the beach and up in the mountains. We’ll be boating, cooking, climbing, seeing the sights and exploring the world!  Click here to learn more.